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Today a student genuinely asked while writing the date on his paper, “Ms. W, how do I write the date? I know September is a 9, what is October?”


I asked a student to step out into the hallway during 7th period so I could talk to him about his behavior…AND THEN I FORGOT HE WAS OUT THERE. For, like, the majority of the period. I literally couldn’t stop giggling once I realized my forgetfulness. It was good reflection time I guess and he thought it was funny too.

Lots of love added to this little nook today. 💜

A parent complained about me to the superintendent this past week about the Edgar Allan Poe text I’ve been teaching. (The Masque of the Red Death.) I don’t think she approves of the story but the ammunition came from a harmless short film version I was going to show on Friday in class. She went running with her screencaps, her rage, and (I would assume) her bible right up to the bigwigs at the district. A bold move that managed to derail my plans by exactly two days until it was determined that her child would simply get an alternate assignment. Which, might I add, I’d have been happy to do without her going to such extremes, but alas. I showed the video today. All 150+ other children seemed to love it.

The child wrote something on Monday to the effect of, “everyone who likes this story will feel the wrath of god.” And also that Poe was satanic.

Fall break begins Friday afternoon. I desperately need it.

It’s important to understand multiple perspectives on the world,” Decker told The Huffington Post. If we only read things we agree with, she said, “our world becomes smaller.” “At the heart of all banning, I would argue, is fear,” Decker said. In her class, she emphasizes understanding the perspectives of people who want certain books banned — we should work to “expose, investigate, and interrogate the actions people take because of fear.” Some of the books that are most often challenged, Decker explained, “pose really difficult questions that are hard to answer.

Politicking in a small town involves homemade sugar cookies, apparently. I thought the royal icing “Vote for Sue” was a nice touch.

Bill and Hillary Clinton accompany Chelsea, Marc, and Charlotte upon their departure from the hospital this evening.

At 7:03 PM on September 26th, we finally met Charlotte. We’re in love. (via @ChelseaClinton)

Charlotte, your grandmother @HillaryClinton and I couldn’t be happier! (via @BillClinton)

.@BillClinton and I are over the moon to be grandparents! One of the happiest moments of our life. (via @HillaryClinton)

Me, to a student holding a magazine cutout of a phone to his ear: “What in the world are you doing?”

Student: “Shh, I’m talking to Dumbledore. They lost my Hogwarts letter.”