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I was all set to liveblog the Republican debate tonight when my aunt called to inform me my grandmother is being kicked out of her nursing home. Without going into a lengthy discussion about her care and what I think is appropriate let’s instead marvel at the badassery.

This 84 year old, 4 foot 11 inches tall, feisty little woman is simply too much to handle. She’s made a break for it, TWICE. She literally gives ‘em hell, daily.

And now she’s been expelled. I suspect this has been her goal all along.

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  2. reallykatie said: her face says it all!!
  3. agirlinsandiego said: Fiesty grandma! Mine is the same way!
  4. sixohthree said: baller status. it may sound horrible but i kind of wish my grandma still had that fight in her. she is so content to stay immobile in a bed at a rehab place (not even a home!) instead of putting in the effort to get moving and go back to her home.
  5. bourbonandabrunette said: She sounds like my late grandmother. Bad ass and not going to take shit from anyone.
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