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ATTENTION DOG PEOPLE: My friend’s dog is suffering kidney failure after eating Purina manufactured Waggin Train Dog Treats. These “treats” are slowly shutting down their kidneys and killing dogs. Do not give these to your animals and do not buy any treats made in China right now. Please share this so we don’t lose any of our loved ones.

I was just reading about this issue. Pet owners, do you know what kind of treats you should be giving your dogs?

Carrots, cheese, real chunks of leftover chicken or whatever (no bones), natural peanut butter, ice cubes, yogurt, salmon, chunks of sweet potato, canned pumpkin frozen in cubes (great for summer), green beans, oranges, bananas, bits of boiled egg, apples. Homemade dog biscuits. The list goes on. Google something if you’re unsure.

This stuff is always in moderation but there is no reason your dog can’t enjoy real treats from your own fridge instead of the junk packaged and sold at Walmart.

(via bethanysworld)

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    reblogging because i know people who have fed this brand, as have i in the past. in before “OMG YOU HORRIBLE OWNER”: i...
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    Reblogging just in case.
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    Ugh! This sort of thing happens WAY too often. I’m a little bit of a nut about Puppy Jones’ diet, so he mostly gets...
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    i cringed when my new puppy’s breeder sent him home with a bag of Purina Puppy Chow for us to transition him over to the...
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    ^this kid is right. A bunch of dog food made in China is making dogs really sick/killing them. Don’t feed your dog...
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  24. vonbunnie said: These ‘treats’ contain dead, euthanized and diseased animal by-products. Im not surprised more animals arent falling ill.
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    Jesuss Christ. I have a bag of those and my dog LOVES them. Not giving her anymore.
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    Maybe Oreo having allergies is a good thing???
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    Cheese tortellini cooked al dente is also a great alternative dog treat. (Not too many though!)