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are you going blonde?

It ends up being a light brown or almost kinda dark blonde shade. Are you all familiar with drugstore hair coloring? It’s not quite an exact science. Regardless, I’ve usually got lighter hair color than my tumblr picture indicates. That was a rare darker moment in my hair history.

Lighter hair color helps covers the random gray hairs I keep finding. 26 and graying, y’all. 26! I feel so old.

  1. ahmander said: I found my first grey hair on my 26th birthday. Ugh. We are not old enough for this!!!!
  2. newyorketc said: My 9th grade English teacher turned grey when she was 16. She’s been dying her hair red every month ever since.
  3. wanderingtexans said: I’m graying too. I have been for a while, but it’s gotten so much worse lately. I want to cover my grays soon, but was too scared to mess with my hair color (for the first time!) so close to the wedding.
  4. notentirely said: 26 and grey hair! not fair! also, i think the dark hair in your tumblr pic is very becoming.
  5. bourbonandabrunette said: I’m 26 and wrinkly. Let’s be room mates at the old folks home.
  6. julyshewillfly said: Right there with you on the gray hairs. But I usually just pull them out if they’re really glaring.
  7. jelizabethl said: Don’t stress. I’m 22 and have greys.
  8. earlyfrost said: Don’t worry about it. I’m nineteen and pluck my grays all the time.
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