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Mamaw turned 85 on August 31st. We had cake and ice cream this afternoon to celebrate. If you ask her how old she is she’ll say 65. Forever young, that one!

She’s at the point in her memory loss that she now can’t believe I’m all grown up. Like Honey I Shrunk the Kids level shock. It’s adorable. At least I choose to believe it’s adorable because what else can you do? I can’t stop the memory loss. I can only find the beauty in each stage.

By the end of the afternoon though she’d gotten past the fact that I’m old now and wanted to know if I have a boyfriend. (A question she’s been asking me since I was 15.) It’s nice to know some things never change.

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  2. slightly said: my nana is very similar, and she just shifted from hoping I find a boyfriend soon to telling me I don’t want one because “they’re so much trouble! that’s when your worries start, when you get a chap!”
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