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58. Not surprising.

Your score: 12
0 - 32 = low (most people with Asperger Syndrome or high-functioning autism score about 20)
33 - 52 = average (most women score about 47 and most men score about 42)
53 - 63 is above average
64 - 80 is very high
80 is maximum

12. i’m not even kidding. 


You guys. I’m bad at people.

17. Sounds about right.

57. Definition of a bleeding heart liberal over here.

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    24…big surprise. Or, to be honest, I was expecting less.
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    67. I’m not even surprised. True empath here hello.
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    24 hahahahahhahahaaaaahaahhahahahahahahahahahaha I may not understand people very well, I’m awful in social situations...
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    9? Seriously? What’s below autism, psychopaths?
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    80 i got 80 i dont know how i feel about that
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    10.Holy shit.
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