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Barney Bush passed away today :( Praying for President Bush & his family, losing a pet is the worst thing ever </3

Remember that time Barney bit a reporter?

You’ve gotta respect a good White House attack dog.

Are you serious right now? You reply to a post saying RIP to Barney with something like that? Do you really hate Bush that much that you’ll be insensitive about his dog and basically say it’s good he’s dead because of an incident when he bit a reporter? Dogs bite to defend their owners, and you can’t try to throw some butthurt mess like this into a post saying RIP to Barney. How pathetic. Truly pathetic. I’m at a loss for words. Has the world really come to this? Being an asshole about someone’s dog because the owner has different political beliefs? Barney’s dead, and you’re being an insensitive dickhead. Get a life besides trying to undermine a tribute post to a dog that passed away.


Is this real life?

Exactly where did I say or imply that it’s good Barney is dead because he bit a reporter?

ryankerrigans, are you serious right now? Because I think you need to learn the art of a tongue-in-cheek ode to amazing dog. Also, relax. It’ll do you some good.

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    I don’t care what anyone says… I love G.W.
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    HEY. Dog. Are you a member of AL queda?
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    aww barney!
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    love you Barney, thanks for letting me chase you around the White House lawn when I was little
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