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It must be exhausting to be 16 in the internet age.

I’ve never been called an insensitive dickhead before, so that’s new.

In fact, I’m not even sure anyone has ever called me a name like that before. Like, ever.

I’m equal parts amused and offended.

Moral of the story: Danger, Will Robinson…watch your reblogs. I reblogged from a partisan person I enjoy not realizing who the original poster was. I certainly never considered that the original poster wouldn’t be able to handle simple commentary. Simple non-offensive commentary, might I add. I do have a dying dog myself.

Do I have to make every single thing I say on Tumblr that damn clear?

Dear internet, remember that time Barney bit a reporter?

That was hilarious. The reporter deserved it. Watch the video. Wasn’t that amazing. Poor Barney. He was a good dog. You have to respect a good (emphasis on good) White House attack dog. Haha, that was a pun. But not one against Barney. Who I liked. Despite our political differences. Again. Poor dog. Barney was a good one.

  1. therightsong said: I feel like you were being pretty respectful to Barney. Oh well. People are weird.
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    amazing the way ppl repost crap and some it up it up in their own words of stupidity
  3. sparklingpants said: and hugs to Jack. sweet, sweet boy.
  4. bethanysworld said: I’m sorry if my reblog caused a kerfuffle… I was only sorry for Barney, I wasn’t commenting on your comment, and hope it wasn’t taken that way… ;o(
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  6. treecyclops said: Your response perfect. If you had said anything more it would have spoiled a perfectly good joke. If someone wants to overreact, you can trust that most people are going to see it the same way.
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  9. karion said: I, for one, can’t get over the punnery of someone snapping at someone who just was making conversation - JUST LIKE BARNEY.