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The panic and fear commenced around noon.

I wanted one weekend to not stress over lesson plans but couldn’t pull off getting them written during my planning so now I’ll be up forever working on them tonight.

After work I went out to eat with my childhood BFF and her kid and husband which kicked off a whole other set of emotions.

Then the feelings inadequacy crept in and which led to more stress over my job and pretty much everything else in my life.

So I started crying on the way home and kind of haven’t stopped since then.

27 is going to be amazing. I can feel it.

p.s. My parents sent me flowers today so at least I’m not totally unloved.

  1. experiencethewarmth said: Happy Birthday!
  2. messily said: I don’t know why 27 is so scary, but it is - I freaked out way more about 27 than 30. But you are seriously awesome and are on a great path, especially career wise (at 27 I was embarking on law school and disastrous loans) and it’s all going to be okay.xo
  3. ackb said: You are awesomesauce and a half
  4. nolongeragoodidea said: I know mmmany people older than 27 (myself included) still trying to figure out where they’re headed. Take one moment (or many!) to remember everything that you’ve accomplished — and to think of how much is still ahead.
  5. wanderlusternyc said: Happy Birthday!
  6. virtualephemera said: :( No one should feel this way on her birthday. I hope the weekend turns around for you.