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Robert Gibbs back at the White House: Obama honors Auburn Tigers

I want to welcome back to the White House — this is a point of personal privilege — the biggest Auburn fan I’ve ever met: my former press secretary Robert Gibbs is in the house — (applause) — along with my main man, Ethan Gibbs — (laughter) — who has inherited the passion for Auburn that his dad had. Look at — Gibbs has his tie and everything. Come on. (Laughter.)

As some of you may know, Gibbs was born in Auburn. His parents worked in the university library, so he and his brother grew up watching the Tigers play. So earlier this year when the team was making its run to the championship, Robert was insufferable. He had a little statue of Aubie on his desk. (Laughter.) He had his son, Ethan — he and Ethan would roll the trees in front of the yard after a big win. (Laughter.) So this is a big day for him.

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