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AJ Piniewski, age 14, shares a moment with his sister during his last month of treatment for Burkitt’s lymphoma in late 2007. AJ’s Dad: “AJ was a happy, healthy, athletic young man starting high school. He was diagnosed with Burkitts Lymphoma on Father’s Day 2007, and left us on January 5, 2008. He is forever our son and brother and we love him and miss him more than words can describe.” (© Bob Piniewski, who asked for a link to the People Against Childhood Cancer) #

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month - The Big Picture - Boston.com

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    It is childhood cancer awareness month. These pictures are striking, and they still make me tear up though I hear these...
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    Sent another care package to my cousin today as she starts school and another round of chemo. This sucks so much. My...
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