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I voted. I took my dad with me. We do nothing but help the popular vote but it felt good. #forward #Obama

The back-and-forth between the campaign’s Tumblr and its followers, and the enthusiasm it engenders, is typified by the story of April Watkins. In December, the University of Kentucky grad, who blogs under the nickname Apsies, launched an online campaign to get Obama to follow her on Tumblr. Watkins posted a .gif of Leslie Knope, Amy Poehler’s character in Parks and Recreation, frowning, with the caption “Barack Obama still hasn’t followed me.” It quickly picked up steam, and eventually the Obama Tumblr team caught wind. They followed her, reblogged the post with a Parks and Recreation joke—”You had us at Leslie Knope”—and let the good vibes roll. The original post received 8,270 notes; in March, the Obama campaign staff cited it in a slideshow on their social-media strategy.

Hi! Remember me? At the end of last year I led a successful campaign to get you guys to follow me. I don’t need to re-hash that tale. You know it already. Apparently you even love telling about it.

That campaign was not successful without the help of some lovely fellow tumblrers. Namely imwithkanye, who screencapped my post, the one that got your attention, that you eventually reblogged and caused you to follow me.

You have now reblogged imwithkanye multiple times, including today! The sad thing is: you don’t follow him. I think this is a major oversight on your part.

He would never tell you this. You see some people (imwithkanye, I’m assuming) are above begging. I, on the other hand, am not.

Some might say this appeal is me taking this Obama thing just a little too far. You already follow me so how dare I go out of my way to get you to start following my friends? I get that. But here’s the thing: I did not get here today, on tumblr, being followed by the President’s social media team without a little help from my friends.

Which is why I think you’ll understand when I ask: Will you please follow imwithkanye?


RE: Meta Moment of My Day.

This is the PPT presentation presented by an Obama campaign staffer who was kind enough to give my office some advice on social media engagement. Little did any of my colleagues know at the time, but I was featured on a very special slide about Apsies’s campaign to get Barack to follow her on Tumblr.

Let me tell you, it’s clear the campaign loves telling this story.

(Shout out to InOtherNews who is featured on this slide as well.)


This will never get old.

On Tumblr, the campaign eventually followed a user who engaged them with a clever campaign to have them on her list of blog followers, slyly deploying a knowledge of Internet memes to win over that most mercurial of constituencies, the microblogger set.

Here is what Mr. Goff had to say. Hope he doesn’t mind me sharing.

"The whole thing that happened last year with your petition and our response is probably my single favorite anecdote from the campaign so far, so I added it to my standard presentation (to make a point about being real, showing some personality, having some fun, etc.) which I happened to give today at a social media week event."

And then he offered to remove it if I wanted.

Which, please. I’m insanely flattered. The Obama follow continues to be my favorite internet related experience.

And then the Digital Director of Obama for America, Teddy Goff, sent this.

I thisclose to reaching high levels on Kristen Bell’s emotional scale.

Next up: Obama gives you a call on election night, crediting you for his Tumblr victory.

I’m most looking forward to my personal invitation to visit the White House.