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Yesterday we made the decision to have Jack put to sleep. A decision. A choice. He could have gone on for weeks or months I suppose; unable to get up and down on his own, limping across the floor and panting each time we lifted him and took him outside, barking and fretting for hours each day from his spot on the floor, jerking from pain during dressing changes. He could have, but now he won’t have to.

His quality of life was such that I know I’m not supposed to feel guilty about it. The decision was painful but the experience was almost cathartic. He wasn’t the Jack we had known anymore, though he remained the Jack we loved until the very end. The grieving process has been a strange mix of terrible sadness (I’m quite certain the sheer volume of tears I cried yesterday would match any other major life event, my dear grandmother’s death included) and relief.

I find I miss his physical presence the most today. The house is quiet. There are no bandages to change, food to prepare, pills to give, or barking to appease. Instead a big gaping hole exists where a loveable goofball named Jack used to be. I’m sad. I don’t know when that overwhelming feeling of sorrow will begin to fade. It’s just a dog. Except he wasn’t.

She couldn’t stop sniffing the hoodie I wore to the vet’s office this morning so I gave it to her to lay on. She barked for an hour when we came home without him. Jill lost her Jack. We’re all crushed.


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I can’t help falling in love with you - Elvis Presley

The vet’s office plays music while they work. In a wonderfully serendipitous moment this song played as they administered Jack’s sedation. “What a Wonderful World” came on as they gave the final injection. It was the hardest thing I’ve done in a long time but much more peaceful than I anticipated. Yet I can’t seem to stop crying. I loved that dog more than I’ve loved most people.

Jack, 2000-2013. The very best boy. We were so blessed to have him.

Jack went to the vet today and we confirmed what Dr. Google has been telling me all along. The old guy has congestive heart failure. How much longer he’s around really depends on how he responds to the medications he’s been put on over the next few weeks but we’re optimistic that he might have another good year or two with us. I am not at all ready to say goodbye to this goofball so I’ll take whatever I can get. So long as he’s comfortable.

For now the new meds mean he gets cheese twice per day (to hide them in) and frequent breaks outside because he’ll be peeing a lot more. Outside time and treats? He’s content.